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transmission fluid flush

How much should you pay for a transmission flush

transmission flush warningIMPORTANT - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A transmission flush is not recommended for high mileage vehicles that have not been flushed previously.  See Automatic Transmission Flush information before having your transmission flushed.


Before you flush!

Before performing a flush, be sure your vehicle is not still covered under the manufacturer's warranty or an aftermarket warranty as there may be a clause in the warranty agreement that requires the transmission to be serviced by the vehicle manufacturer/dealership or other specified repair facility.  Having this work done by anyone other than the dealer or by a specified repair facility may void the warranty.

Transmission Flush Cost

The cost for a transmission fluid flush can range from a low of around $80 to more than $800.  The following factors determine the cost for a transmission flush.

The type of vehicle you have. If you have a Ford Ranger pickup and do the work yourself the cost will be near the low figure.  If you have a Porsche and have the Porsche dealership do the work the cost will be closer to the high figure.

The type and brand of transmission fluid used. The cost for automatic transmission fluid can range from a low of around $5 per quart to more than $20 per quart.  The typical automatic transmission fluid capacity is between 10 and 12 quarts.

Who performs the fluid flush. Auto dealerships typically charge more than transmission repair shops.

Where you live. The cost for a transmission flush in major cities and metropolitan areas is typically higher than in smaller cities and rural areas.

Average transmission flush costs for specific vehicles.

Below are some average transmission flush costs for specific vehicles.  This information was compiled from transmission repair shops, auto dealership service centers and vehicle owners themselves.  This information should give you some idea of what you can expect to pay for a transmission flush for you vehicle.

Transmission Flush Cost Guide
Vehicle Year, Make, Model Repair Shop Dealership DIY
2003 Honda Odyssey $225 - $265 $295 - $340 $95 - $125
2000 Ford Focus $210 - $250 $240 - $295 $80 - $95
2004 Chevrolet Suburban $295 - $355 $360 - $400 $90 - $140
2004 BMW 745Li $575 - $850 $625 - $875 $185 - $230
2005 Dodge Neon $245 - $305 $270 - $310 $75 - $130
2001 Honda Civic $245 - $295 $295 - $330 $100 - $130
2006 Jaguar Vanden Plas $405 - $590 $475 - $650 $175 - $210
2005 Mitsubishi Montero $290 - $365 $345 - $425 $100 - $140

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