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When available, always refer to your Vehicle Owner's Manual for the recommended ATF to be used in your vehicle.  Use this Fluid Application Guide when no manual is available.

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Acura 1989-1995 SLF DEXRON®-II
1996 and later AF2 HONDA ATF-Z1
Audi 2003-2004 TT 6 Speed Transmission SLF Part number G-052-025-A2
Multitronic CVT VTF Part number G-052-180-A2
Others AE Part number G-052-162-A2, LT 71141
Cabriolet 90 with 097 Transmission AF2 DEXRON®-II
BMW 1995-2000: all with GM THMRI (A4S310R or A4S270R), 530i/iT w/ 5HP18(A5S310Z) AF3 DEXRON®-III  
1998-2004: 3-series with A5S360R or A5S (5L40-EGM5) Transmission and oil pan labeled with DEXRON®-II
1995-2000: M3 with ZF 5HP18(A5310Z) trans.; 740,750 and 850 with ZF HP30(AA5S560Z) Trans., 840 with ZF HP30(AA5S560Z) Trans. Manufactured from 12/95 AE BMW part number 83 22 9 407 807, LT 71141
2001-2005: all with ZF 5HP-19, SF 5HP-24, or SF HP-30 Transmissions
1998-2004: 3-series with A5S360R or A5S (5L40-EGM5) Transmission and oil pan labeled with Texaco ETL-7045 SLF BMW part number 83 22 0 026 922, ETL-7045E
1999-2000: all with AFS 360R (5L40-E/GM5) Transmissions
2000-2004: 5 series and X5 series with A5S 360R (GM5) transmission 2000-2002: aii with A5S 390R (GM5) Transmission SLF BMW part number 83 22 0 024 359, ETL-8072B
2003: 745i, 2002-2005: 5-series, X-5 series, 6-series and 7-series with 6speed GA6HP19Z or GA6HP26Z Transmission SLF BMW part number 83 22 0 142 516, M-1375.4
All vehicles except as noted below. AF4 ATF +4
2001-2005: Sebring coupe, Stratus Coupe SLF DIAMOND SP- III
2004-2006: Crossfire SLF Shell ATF 3403 M115  
2003-2006: Sprinter
all with NAG1 transmission
Daewoo Leganza manufactured from 11/01 (ZF Transmission) AE Type LT 71141
1999-2002: LANOS, Nubria, Leganza (THM transmission) AF3 DEXRON®-III
Prior to 1981 FA  Ford Type F  
1995-2006: All except as noted MA  MERCON®
1997 Ranger, Mazda B2300, Mazda B3000, Mazda B4000 and Aerostar; Explorer and Mountaineer with V6 MA5 MERCON®-V   
1998: Thunderbird, Cougar, Mark VII
1998-2001: Explorer, Mountaineer
1998-2006: Mustang, FWD vans, Taurus, Sable, Ranger, Mazda B2300, Mazda B2500, Mazda B3000 and Mazda B4000 ; Econoline with 4R70W transmission; Ford F150, Expedition, Lightning, Navigator Blackwood, Mark LT and F250 LT with 4R70E or 4R70W Transmissions
1998-2002: Continental
1998-2003: Windstar
1997-2006: Focus
2001-2005: Explorer Sport/Sport Trac
2004-2006: Freestar, Monterey
2002-2005: Thunderbird
2002-2006: Mountaineer and 4-door Explorer with 5R55W Transmission
2003-2005: Lincoln Aviator with 5R55W Transmission
2000-2006: Lincoln LS
2005-2006: Ford 500 with CVT and Montego with CVT Part # XT-7QCFT, WSS M2C933-A  
2005-2006: Ford 500 6-speed and Montego 6-Speed2006: Fusion, Milan and Zephyr with 6 speed Transmissions TIV  Toyota T-IV 
2006: Fusion, Milan and Zephyr with FNR5 Transmissions
 2006: Fusion, Milan and Zephyr with FNR5 Transmissions SLF  MazdaV, Part # XT-9-QMM5 
1996-2006: Econoline with 5R110W transmission; Ford F150, Expedition, Lightning, Navigator, Black - wood, Mark LT and F250 LT with 6HP26 Transmissions; any with 5R110 and 6RXX Transmissions MSP  MERCON®SP   
2002-2006: Mountaineer and 4-door Explorer with 6R60 Transmission
2003-2005: Lincoln Aviator with 6R60 Transmission
1998-2006: F250HD, F350, F450, F550 and Excursion with 5R110W Transmission
Prior to 1994  AF2  DEXRON®-I 
1994-2005: All except as noted  AF3  DEXRON®-III 
2006 and later: All except except as noted  AF6  DEXRON®-VI 
2003-2006: Vibe  TIV  Toyota T-IV    
All with Aisin (81-40LE) Transmission or AF35-3 transmission 
Honda  1989-1995: all vehicles  AF2   DEXRON®-II 
1996-2006: with CVTs  VTF  Honda Genuine CVT Fluid 
1996 and later all others  SLF  Honda ATF - Z1 
Hyundai  Prior to 1996  AF3  DEXRON®-III 
1996 and Late  SLF Hyundai SP II or SP-III 
Infiniti  All vehicles  SLF,
Nissan Matic-D, Matic J, Matic K, DEXRON®-III  
Isuzu  All vehicles  DEXRON®-III 
Jaguar  1995-1997: XJ6, XJS, XJ12,XJR-S AF3 DEXRON®-III
1997-2002: XK series with 4.0L normally aspirated AE Type LT 71141, Part No. JLM 20238
1998-2003.5: XJ with 4.0L normally aspirated
2002-2003: XK8
2002.5-2004: S-Type SLF Shell M1375.4
2003 and later: XK series with 4.2L and 4.2L supercharged engine
2003.5 and later: XJ series with 3.0L, 4.2L and 4.2L supercharged engine
1998-2003 XK series with 4.0L supercharged engine SLF Shell ATF 3403 M115
1998-2003.5: XJ with 4.0L supercharged
2001.5-2004: X Type SLF IDEMITSU K17, JATCO 3100 PL085
1999-2002.5: S-Type MA5 MERCON®V
Jeep 1995-2001: AW4 transmission MA MERCON®
1995-2006: all except as noted AP4 ATF+4
2004: Jeep Grand Cherokee with NAG1 trans. SLF Shell ATF 3403 M115
Kia 2003-2005: Sorento 4 speed AF2 DEXRON®-II
1996-2002: Sportage AF3,
1996-2000: Sephia  
2000-2006: Spectra SLF KIA SP-II or SP- III
2001: Sephia
2005-2006: Sportage
2003-2005: Sorento with 5 speed trans
2004-2006: Amanti
1999-2006 : Optima
2002-2005: Sedona
Land Rover Others AF3 DEXRON®III
2003 and later Range Rover AE Esso LT 71141
2002-2005 Freelander SLF Texaco N402
2005 R3 SLF Shell M1375.4
Lexus 1995-1999: ES300, SC300 AF3 DEXRON®-III
1998-2002: LX470
1995: GS300, LS400, SC400 TTA,
Toyota Type T, T-II ot T-IV
2004-2006: LS430
1998-2006: RX300, RX330
2003: LX470
2001-2003: LS430, GX470
1996-2006: LS400, GS300, GS400, GS430, IS250/300/350, IS35C, SC400, SC430,
1998-2006: SC300
2000-2003: ES300
2004-2006: ES330
2004-2006: LS430 WS Toyota Type WS
Mazda Others AF3,
2003-05 Mazda6 SLF ATF M-V
2004-05 Mazda3
2006: Mazda5 and MX5 with 4-speed transmissions
2003-2006 Mazda 6 with 6 speed TIV Toyota Type T-IV  
Mercedes Benz 1995-2006: all 5 speed transmissions (with or without controlled torque converter lockup clutch) SLF Shell ATF 3403-4 115, MB 236.10  
1995-2006: all 4 or 5 speed without controlled torque converter lockup clutch AF3 DEXRON®-III (MB 236.9, MB 236.1),
DEXRON‚-II (MB 236.6, MB 236.7,
MB 236.8(arctic use only))
All models with CVT Fuchs Titan ATF CVT, MB 236.20
1995-2006: all models with 7 speed transmissions SLF Fuchs ATF 3353, MB 236.12
Mini 2002-2006:all with CVT VTF Esso CVT EZL 799 Fluid
2002-2006:all with 6-speed auto transmission TIV Toyota Type T-IV
Mitsubishi 1997-1998: Pickup, Montero Sport, Outlander, Endeavour, AF2 DEXRON®-II
1997-2000 Montero,”
1999: Montero Sport with 4AT Trans
1995-96 All AP3 ATF+3
Nissan 1998 to 2004: Most except as noted AF3 DEXRON®-III or Nissan Matic D
2005-2006: 4 cyl Altima, 4-speed Maxima, 4-speed Quest
350Z all years SLF Nissan Matic J or K
2004: Titan, 5-speed Maxima, 5-speed Quest
2005 and later: Most except as noted
Murano all years VTF Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2
Porsche 1994 to 1998: 911 Series, 928, 968 AF3 DEXRON III
1997-2008: Boxter/Boxter S AE Porsche #: 999 917 547 00 (A2) or 000 043 205 09
1999-2005: 911
2006-2007: Cayman
2001-2006: 911 Turbo SLF Porsche #: 000 043 204 41, Shell ATF 3403-M115  
2002-2005: 911 GT2, GT3  
2006-2007: 911 SLF Porshe P/N 00004330400  
2003-2006: Cayenne TIV Porshe P/N 00004320528  
2011-2012: Cayenne SLF Porshe P/N 95830054000  
2010-2012: Panamera SLF Porshe P/N 00004320729  
Saab 1994-1998: All, 2002 9-3, 2005: 9-2X AF3 DEXRON III
1999-2001: 9-5
1999-2002: 9-3
2005-2008: 9-7X, 2011: 9-4x AF6 DEXRON VI
2002-2011: 9-5, 2003-2011: 9-3 5-speed TIV Toyota Type T-IV  
2006: 9-2X SLF Aporoil ATF HP  
2005-2012: All with 6-speed (except 2011 9-4x) SLF Saab 93 165 147  
Saturn 1994-2002: S Series AF3 DEXRON III
2000-2005: L Series; 2005-2007: Relay; All Vue and Ion with 4T45- E, 4T40-E 6T70, or 2MT70 trans; All Sky, Aura, Outlook AF6 DEXRON VI
2002-2009: Vue and Ion with VT25-E(M16/M75) no dipstick VTF, VTA DEX-CVT Fluid
2002-2008: Vue and Ion with AF23-5, AF33 (M45) with dipstick TIV Toyota Type T-IV
2008-2009: Astra
2004-2007: Vue with 5-speed 5-AT SLF Honda ZF-1  
Scion 2004- 2006: All vehicles TIV Toyota Type T-IV
2007-2011: All vehicles WS Toyota Type WS  
2012: Scion IQ VTF Toyota TC  
Subaru 2005-2012: Impreza, Legacy, Outback , Tribeca with 4 or 5-speed SLF Subaru ATF
2006-2012: Forester
2010-2012: Legacy, Outback, Impreza with CVT VTF Subaru CVT Oil for Linear Tronic  
All Others; 2005 Forester AF3 DEXRON III  
Suzuki 1995-2007: All vehicles except as noted, 2007-2009: SX4 AF3 DEXRON III
All years: Tracker, 2009: XL-7 AF6 DEXRON VI  
2006-2012: Grand Vitara; 2007-2009: XL-7 TIV Toyota Type T-IV  
2004-2006: Verona; 2004-2008: Forenza; 2005-2008 Reno AE Esso LT 71141  
2009-2012: Equator SLF Nissan Matic S or J  
2010-2012: Kizashi, SX4 with CVT VTF Suzuki CVT Fluid Green  
Toyota 1995-2008: all except as noted AF3 DEXRON III
1994-1997: Supra Turbo
1996-2000: Rav 4 4WD with A540H
1998: Supra (all)
2000-2006: Camry
2000-2007: Highlander (except Hybrid)
2000-2005: Echo, Celica
2001-2005: RAV 4 TIV Toyota Type T, T-II or T-IV
2001-2003: Prius
2002-2007: Solara 4-cyl; 2008 Solara 6 cyl
2003: Land Cruiser
2003-2008: Corolla, Matrix
2003-2004: 4-runner with 4 speed, Sequoia, 2.7L and 3.4L Tacoma, Tundra
2005-2007: Tacoma; 2008-2009: Tacoma 4-spd
2004-2006: Sienna
2004-2012: Prius WS Toyota Type WS
2006-2011: Highlander Hybrid
2004-2011: Land Cruiser  
2005-2012: Avalon, 4-Runner, Sequoia, Tundra  
2004: 4-Runner with 5 speed  
2006-2011: RAV4  
2007-2012: Camry, Sienna, FJ Cruiser  
All years: Yaris, Venza  
2008-2012: Solara- 4-cyl., Highlander, Tacoma 5-spd  
2009-2012: Corolla, Matrix  
Volkswagen 1996: all diesel models AE Esso LT 71141
1995-1996: All Gasoline models
1997-2009: All models except those noted below
1997-2006: All diesel models (except 2006 Jetta) SLF VW TL52162 (Note: this fluid is yellow)
2000-2012: 5-speed 09A trans SLF Part number G-052-990-A2
2000-2012: gasoline: 02E SLF Part number G-052-182  
1997-2009: gasoline: 09D 6-speed, 09M SLF Part number G-052-025  
2004-2006: Phaeton with 09L SLF Part number G-055-005  
2006: Diesel Jetta with 02E, Beetle with 02E SLF P/N G-052-182-A2  
2009-2012: Diesel Golf, Jetta with 02E  
2011-2012: Gasoline Jetta with 09G Gen 2 trans, Touareg with 8-speed SLF P/N G-055-540-A2  
2009-2012: Routan AP4 P/N GUS-000-162  
2000-2012: Beetle, CC, Golf, GTI, Jetta, Rabbit with 09G Gen 1 trans, CC, Passat, Tiguan with 09M trans TIV Toyota Type T-IV  
2004-2010: Diesel Touareg  
Volvo All years: All models with 3 and 4-speed Transmissions (AW30, AW-34, AW40, AW43, AW42AWD, AW50-42) AF3 MA DEXRON III / MERCON
1995-1997: 940 with AW70, AW71 Transmissions AF3 DEXRON III / MERCON
1999-2005: S80, XC90 with 4T65 series Transmissions
2011-2012: S60, S-80. XC-60, XC-70 SLF P/N 31 256 774 or 31 256 775
All years: All models with 5-speed Transmissions (AW50-51SN, AW55-50 series, AW55-51 series) TIV Toyota Type T-IV
2006-2010: All models with 6-speed Transmission TF-80SC

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