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knowledge is money
Things you must know and do when speaking
with a repair shop about your transmission.

> Get more than one opinion
Whether you choose one of our recommended transmission shops or find one on your own, it is always smart to get your transmission problem diagnosed and a cost estimate/quote for the repair from at least two different shops.  If you get a different diagnosis or a significantly different price quote from two different shops, you'll need a third opinion.

> Ask Shop to Save Damaged/Replaced Hard Parts
Request that the repair shop save any hard parts that are replaced in the transmission.  And, ask that the shop please itemize these hard parts on the receipt.  When you pick up your vehicle, take the hard parts with you and keep them for 90-days or so before throwing them out.

By requesting hard parts be itemized on the receipt along with saving your original parts a repair shop is much less likely to say they replaced a hard part that they did not replace.

> Read Warranty Document
Ask for a written copy of the shop's warranty document that covers the specific repairs they are proposing to do before authorizing the work.

> Get Firm Completion Date
Be sure to ask for and get a firm completion date.  If this is your daily driver, emphasize the importance of getting your vehicle back as promised.  You should request that a note be added to the work order stating that you wish to be contacted immediately if there is any chance that the work will not be completed as scheduled.

Note:  By emphasizing the importance of getting your vehicle back when promised along with a promise to contact you immediately if a delay is expected your vehicle will receive a priority position for completion over other vehicles in the shop.

> Discuss Your Desire for a Long-Term Relationship
Lastly, before leaving the shop, inform the shop manager that it is your desire to establish a long-term relationship with a shop that you can trust and rely on for quality service at a fair price.  Make it clear that, as a loyal customer, you will gladly recommend their shop to others.
Note:  Returning customers and customer referrals are essential to a repair shop's success.  Your commitment to becoming a long-term customer and to refer others to the shop serve as added incentives for the shop to provide their best service and lowest price.
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