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transmission_parts_resourcesOne of the main reasons for doing some or all of your own vehicle service and repair work is to save money and enjoy peace of mind in knowing that the job is done right.  With labor costs ranging anywhere from $65 to more than $125 per hour and the repair center's or dealership's mark up on parts, the savings can be in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

You will find many resources and DIY instructions in other areas of this Website but this section is dedicated to helping you find quality parts for your vehicle at the lowest cost.

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> How Automatic Transmissions Work
> Types of Automatic Transmissions
> Which transmission do I have?
How long do automatic transmissions last?
> My transmission failed - how much will it cost?
> Automatic Transmission Maintenance
How to check transmission fluid level
> How to check transmission fluid condition
Automatic transmission fluid/filter change
> Automatic transmission fluid flush
> Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)
> What can go wrong with my transmission?
> Transmission failed - is my vehicle worth fixing?
> Troubleshoot transmission problems
> Transmission Failure - What are my options?
> Find a reputable transmission shop
> 8 tips for a long lasting transmission
> Automatic transmission rebuild costs
> Remanufactured automatic transmissions
> Transmission terms you should know
> Why should I install a shift kit
> Transmission Parking Pawl
> Keep your transmission cool
Free Vehicle Owners Manuals
> DIY Automatic Transmission Removal (RWD
> DIY Automatic Transmission Install (RWD)
> Solenoids and Sensors
> Aftermarket Warranties
> Emergency Fixes
> DIY input and output speed sensor replacement


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