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My Automatic Transmission is a transmission and driveline information and resource portal for vehicle owners.  Whether you are looking for information on a particular problem - need to know the average cost for a transmission rebuild or you want to learn how to service and repair the transmission yourself and save money, you'll find it here at My Automatic Transmission.

100 Years of Combined Knowledge and Experience

With more than 100 years of combined general automotive and transmission education and experience, the people at My Automatic Transmission have the knowledge and expertise needed to educate and assist vehicle owners in all areas of transmission and driveline matters.  But, this alone hardly makes us, or the information we provide, unique - there are others with similar knowledge and other Websites that provide similar information. 

But...  MyAutomaticTransmission is Unique

Simply put, being an certified automotive repair technician and/or transmission repair technician is one thing - having the ability to transfer this knowledge and know-how to vehicle owners in easy-to-understand and use "plain language" is something completely different.  Possessing both skill sets is what makes My Automatic Transmission unique.

knowledge is power
Knowledge is Power...  Use this Web site to arm yourself with valuable and meaningful transmission and driveline knowledge.  Doing so can save you time, money, vehicle breakdowns.

MyAutomaticTransmission - Mission

The main objective of My Automatic Transmission is to help and education vehicle owners so that they can effectively deal with any and all transmission and driveline matters.  We will accomplish by publishing meaningful "plain language" knowledge articles and how-to guides directed at vehicle owners.  We are confident that our shared knowledge will save you money and reduce the anxiety and frustration that is normally associated with vehicle service and repair matters.

No prior automotive knowledge or mechanic experience is needed to understand and use the content we publish.  Feel free to share our transmission knowledge articles and free how-to-service and repair guides with family and friends.

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